KoenigFinance Solution for
Money Transfer Systems
Around the world funds transferring process
optimization for a financial institution and its clients

KoenigFinance is a multifunctional platform that provides licensed companies with a full range of functionality to organize a business for instant money transfers without opening an account.

A well-functioning scheme of data exchange and mutual settlements between agents will allow you to expand the scale of your business without complicating the process of managing the company. Create an agent network to make instant cash transfers between your clients.

Your company

The KoenigFinance platform automates the interaction between your financial service and various money transfer systems through a single administrative panel. It also provides continuous monitoring of all key components, report generation for easy management and regulator reports, and much more.

Your clients

Customers can easily and safely make money transfers from an agent's office or your company through an operator, as well as transfer money online from their personal account. The high speed of processing transactions, as well as comprehensive customer support, will ensure your company’s loyalty to the audience.



KoenigFinance's solution will make the process of instant money transfers simple and convenient for individual clients from an online account, and through a network of offline agents and branches.

At the time of sending money transfers, a unique identifier is generated. The sender must provide this identifier number to the recipient and by using this identifier, he can receive funds at the agent's office.

Agents exist as a network of physical offices located in different locations that interact directly with the client, both accepting and giving funds. Agents work with the payment system under an agreement, according to which a debit or credit account is created for the agent. Agents also have access to a special web interface where they can enter customer data, attach photocopies of client documents, create outgoing transfers, issue payments, as well as check transaction history, etc.

The KoenigFinance platform continuously monitors all agents, their accounts and transactions for KYC and AML compliance in real time. The process of sending funds from the sender's office to the recipient's office or country is simple, convenient and safe.

Compliance Monitoring

Monitoring of client activities is mandatory for all financial institutions, and includes client identification, verification of relevant documents, tracking suspicious transactions, risk management, etc.

The KoenigFinance platform includes monitoring mechanisms that allow you to effectively track customer risk using a variety of customizable scales, such as fraud, money laundering, sanction violations, corruption, illegal trade, terrorist financing, tax evasion, etc.

  • Automated collection of transfer sender and recipient data in compliance with the KYC and AML policies.
  • Checking clients for being on the sanctions lists, PEP (politically exposed person), and other lists: OFAC, UNSC 1267, EU SANCTIONS LIST, HMRC etc.
  • Audit of information about transactions: any transaction in the system can be found in a matter of seconds using a variety of search filters.
  • Uploading electronic copies of documents for each client, document authentication (requires plugin connection) and their expiration date.
  • Tracking unusual financial activity: Suspicious transactions may be suspended and funds frozen pending confirmation of compliance with AML or other regulations. The account of any user or group of users can be placed under enhanced control (segmentation).
  • The client's risk level can be revised by the compliance department at any time, depending on the transaction performed and the information received from external databases.

Analytics and Reporting

KoenigFinance provides a full set of options for collecting statistical data on various parameters, generating summary reports and detailed analyses of the performance of both the company and its agents.

Operational reports are presented in the form of dashboards, while each of the indicators of interest can be examined separately in a new window.

In addition to standard accounting and tax reports that comply with international standards (IFRS), you can customize individual reports in accordance with the internal interests and objectives of the company.

  • Create standard accounting and tax reports.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the work of branches and employees. All actions of managers in the system are logged, the manager can get acquainted with the manager's answers to clients, search for requests by the responsible specialist, etc.
  • Analyze data on traffic, conversions and other marketing metrics in the “Web Analytics” section.

The software allows agents to rapidly download, create, edit and retrieve information about customers and their transactions. This allows the company to track user behavior and organize work with clients accordingly.


We have implemented various security mechanisms for controlling who, when and for what purpose gains access to the platform and user data.

  • To prevent unauthorized access to the heart of the platform and the database, two-factor authentication is put in place.
  • You can flexibly dole out access rights to managers and specialists in different departments in order to restrict their access to information outside their scope.
  • Setup of time intervals for mandatory password change will make sure that the employee login data is safe.
  • Additional 2FA-check is triggered every time a manager tries to log in to the system from a new IP address. In such a case, in order to gain access to the system, the manager has to enter a special PIN code.

Vital mechanisms for server log data monitoring are also part of the platform, ensuring PCI DSS compliance and facilitating timely and complex management of your technical environment. Various counters are available to create alarms that will be triggered in case of a critical event (sudden decrease of completed registrations, mass email delivery failure, etc.). Detailed logbooks help to detect, analyze, eliminate, and prevent the problem from recurring.

Tariffs and Limit Control

The toolkit of the KoenigFinance platform allows for flexibly configuring tariffication parameters, monitoring the relevance of tariffs, as well as setting up restrictions on the turnover of funds (limits) for individual customers or categories of customers.

  • Revise the grid tariffs for services provided in accordance with market changes and your internal financial policies.
  • Activate daily and monthly transaction limits for specific clients or groups of clients with a certain level of risk (maximum amount of incoming / outgoing transfer).
  • The system supports separate settings for different types of payments: payments, bank transfers (direction: incoming / outgoing; sending method: SWIFT, SEPA; sending type: SHA / BEN / OUR, etc.), cash transfers, exchange transactions, and various system fees (e.g., monthly payments, dormancy fee, etc.).

Integrated Customer Support

Using the services of your money transfer system, the client will experience 24/7 support at all stages of work. All communication with the client takes place through a system of electronic requests (tickets) in the support service interface. A request can be created both by a client to a company employee and by a company manager to a client in order to request documents, clarification, or indicate the need to fulfill the established requirements in accordance with the terms of service.

Each request, regardless of how it was created, is assigned a unique tracking ID, which allows you to accurately track its status. All tickets are automatically grouped by topic, and verification requests are sorted by creation date to ensure the fastest and most efficient processing by a specialist. An internal comment and request redirection system helps to organize interaction between support specialists.

The use of snippets (templates for replies to common queries) significantly reduces the response processing time. Snippets can be structured based on the needs of your organization and translated into any number of languages.

An added benefit is the built-in online chat functionality, which can serve to resolve urgent customer issues in real time.

Third-Party Web Service API Integrations

KoenigFinance solution provides great opportunities for the growth and development of your business, without complicating the process.

You can integrate the API of third-party services - international money transfer systems (such as Unistream, Leader, ContactSys, etc.), payment services, banks, payment gateways, SMS gateways, mail gateways, document verification services, data verification, compliance monitoring, KYC, AML and many others.

  • Ready-made integrations out of the box.
  • The ability to easily and quickly integrate with almost any other service.

By connecting to third-party services, you expand the capabilities and functionality of your business, thereby increasing the number of new customers and offering more services to existing customers.

Marketing Tools

KoenigFinance contains integrated tools for promoting your services in the market and increasing new and existing customers’ motivation.

  • Build a well-functioning system of trigger letters with an individual approach to the client for the successful implementation of your services.
  • Launch a bonus program to stimulate and increase agent loyalty.
  • Improve the effectiveness of any promotion by connecting all the options for informing users - from push notifications to email newsletters.

Content Management System (CMS)

The KoenigFinance software environment includes a content management system that enables you to take care of the content across all your service channels: website pages, news, emails, SMS, etc.

The CMS empowers you to effortlessly modify and localize your pages, adapting the website for regional audiences and creating multiple language versions.

It also allows for tracking modifications to content items, rolling back to any previous version, and seeing who made what changes.

The CMS has various counters and statistical tools that prove very handy when calculating salaries for your freelance translators: you'll be able to get a total amount of words translated by a person in a certain period of time in a couple of clicks.

Using Thin Clients

KoenigFinance’s software is deployed on servers to which your managers connect via a browser. This simplified architecture entails a myriad of benefits:

  • Higher system security. Accidental malware infestation and other system failures are out of the question.
  • Easy management — the system is centralized through and through, and, if something goes wrong, a specialist must join a manager’s session to get everything fixed.
  • Minimal investment required to organize a bank worker’s workplace.


Money transfers can be sent by clients both from the agent's office or your company through the operator, or online from the user's personal account.
The process of sending a cash money transfer is as follows: the client chooses a suitable money transfer system, depending on the location of the recipient, and creates a request for a transaction.
At this moment, a unique identifier is generated, which the sender must provide the recipient so that the money sent to him can be received.

Client's Personal Account

A personalized customer account allows the client to independently manage their account:

  • Check the status of verification (onboarding).
  • Use money transfers to fund your account, pay invoices, send to third parties and withdraw cash.
  • Control all your balances.
  • Transfer funds between your own accounts.
  • Make any financial transactions in a few clicks (pay a receipt, withdraw funds, etc.).
  • Exchange currency within the account.
  • Automatically convert the currency in cases where the recipient's currency is different from the currency of the sender.
  • View the history of all completed transactions with the ability to search for the specific transactions and export account statements.
  • Create templates for frequently repeated transactions.
  • Manage subscriptions and pre-approved payments (direct debit).
  • Bind the details of a payment card or bank account to the account.
  • Create requests for the issue of plastic cards and other products.
  • Manage your profile and security settings for entering your account.
  • Create support requests and view the history of previously created requests.
  • Generate reports, analyze expenses, and more.

Customer Messages

KoenigFinance includes a complete set of tools for promptly informing customers about everything related to their accounts and funds. Alerts are implemented for almost all communication channels:

  • Email newsletter.
  • SMS notifications.
  • Notifications via messengers (Skype, Telegram, Viber, etc.).
  • Push notifications for mobile app users.

The messages functionality is indispensable for informing customers about any customer-related events:

  • Completed transactions and other transactions on the account.
  • Changes in terms of service and other legal documents.
  • Technical work on the platform.
  • Promotions, special offers and other marketing activities.
  • And many more.

SDK for Mobile App

Knowing that more and more people prefer to use a variety of services from their mobile devices, KoenigFinance offers an SDK to create a native mobile application that will allow your customers to perform the necessary operations anytime, anywhere:

  • Balance check.
  • Accept and send payments, currency exchange.
  • Support communication.
  • Receive push notifications and more.

KoenigFinance provides a set of API functions; you define a range of features and applications available to users, and create your own design.

To protect access, the application can automatically apply biometric identification technologies available on the respective platform (iOS, Android): recognition of fingerprint, face, voice, etc.

API and Documentation

For each account, individual API settings are available for full integration with the back-end of a store or other service. The API allows you to automate almost any action within the system - from client registration to billing. This minimizes the error inherent in manual handling of operations.

You also have access to the Webhooks Instant Notification Service (also known as IPN, i.e. Instant Payment Notification). If a webhook script is available, the payment system or the merchant will be able to receive notifications, for example, in the event of a change in the status of a transaction. With up-to-date information about transactions and other events, you can set up appropriate responses: send an invoice, generate an authorization code, refund, etc.

You decide which APIs to make public and which to give only limited access. For private APIs, special keys are used with individual settings for available functions, limits, etc.

We provide detailed technical documentation with all the information required to accept payments and set up APIs, including code examples for IT professionals integrating your payment solution.

Reliable Account Protection

KoenigFinance's components have been developed with particular attention on ensuring the safety of customer funds.

  • In accordance with the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), the platform provides for a multi-factor user authentication mechanism for transactions with an account via the Internet.
  • To protect access to the account, two-factor authentication is also used, in which a PIN code is generated on the client's device and delivered to a phone, email address or messenger.
  • The client can improve the security of the account with additional options, such as secret questions when resetting a password and limiting the range of IP addresses that can enter the account.
  • If a client has difficulty accessing the account, they can quickly reset the password without resorting to the help of the support team. A PIN code to restore access will be sent to your phone, email or messenger; you can configure the appropriate options in the account security section.
  • When an attempt is made to access the account from an atypical IP address (location), the client must be additionally identified using a PIN code.

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