The Transaction Engine is one of the key components of the KoenigFinance platform core that facilitates the execution of internal and external financial transactions.

The engine was designed in compliance with the ACID requirements on transactions and transactional systems. The platform automates the optimal sequence of operations for the processing of data and completion of transactions of various kinds. During the course of your work, you’ll be able to perform a high number of transactions with minimal system response time.

The platform sports high fault tolerance: in the case of external glitches you can be sure that the results of all successful operations are safely recorded in the system.

The transaction transparency principle, which lies at the foundation of the KoenigFinance system, enables managers and clients to clearly see the updated account balance following successful transaction completion. Besides that, managers can see all internal accounting entries in transaction details, for example: incoming commission payments, affiliate payouts, currency conversion transfers, etc. The system keeps a record of changes in statuses of operations and logs the name of each manager that performed actions on them.

Examples of transactions:

  • Currency conversion;
  • Internal transfer between a client’s accounts;
  • Transfer between accounts belonging to different clients;
  • Bank wire (incoming/outgoing);
  • Cash transfer (incoming/outgoing);
  • Bank card payment;
  • Transfer from a digital wallet;
  • Deposit via a payment terminal;
  • Recurring payment;
  • Pre-approved payment;
  • And so on.

Well-Thought-Out Transaction Processing Logic

The KoenigFinance solution incorporates a transaction building system based on the so-called Transaction Patterns. The Patterns come with a broad-spectrum toolbox for creating complex financial transactions with multiple transitions between different statuses and operations appropriate to them. This enables anyone to model out virtually any cash flow scenario with various transaction processing stages. Calculation of commissions charged per transaction can be performed at any processing stage depending on its structural logic.

Exemplary logic behind a money transfer to an external bank account:

  • Creation: the transaction doesn’t really exist yet, the system checks the availability of the required sum in the account to be debited.
  • Confirmation: getting client authorization via two-factor authentication (in compliance with the PSD2).
  • Hold: the transaction moves into monitoring (built-in tooling for keeping track of clients’ financial activity). The funds are held in the system so that they could be checked for compliance with the internal policy rules and regulatory requirements. Transactions of this kind are manually processed and approved by the manager.
  • Successful completion: the payment is moved into the outgoing payments pool by the respective bank in accordance with the currency and the payment’s destination, with further deduction of funds from the sender’s balance and crediting to the recipient’s account.
  • Cancellation: the payment is returned because for some reason it could not be processed by the sender’s bank. The client’s balance is restored to its initial state.

Reporting and Analytics

Assess the economic indicators of your business and analyze the cash flows in your accounts. The system keeps a record of all financial transactions (commissions, affiliate payouts, currency conversions, transfers, etc.).

Learn more in “Reporting”

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