The KoenigFinance system allows you to diversify your tariffs for different services, categories of customers, and currencies. You can organize fee schedules that will be dynamically tailored to each type of clients - automatically and according to your pre-set parameters.

Manage General or Personal Tariffs

Create tariff groups for regular, premium, VIP customers, etc. - any kind of segmentation is possible. At the same time you can set up personal tariffs for any client within a group - this can be practical when it’s necessary to meet specific terms of contracts with particular business clients.

Personal tariffs are integrated with the system’s database, which means you can search by user name, email, or any other identifier to quickly find and add a customer to a tariff list. And vice versa: by clicking on a client’s name in the tariff list you are forwarded to their profile and can view all relevant information.

Arrange Transaction Fees and Product Pricing

There are separate sets of parameters available for transaction fees (deposits, withdrawals, payments, transfers, etc.) and non-transactional charges (products like payment cards, services like account restoration, etc.). You can atomize the product pricing by adding different types of handling and shipping costs etc.

Bank transfers are set apart into a group of their own since they have many parameters that are unique to them. They include fee templates for inward and outward wire transfers, charge type settings (BEN/SHA/OUR), and fees for typical banking processes like payment cancellation or chargeback.

All tariff elements have granulated settings that allow you to fine-tune the fees for each type of transaction, currency, and client category. Transaction patterns can be expanded by adding any number of currencies or business categories to them.

    For example, in a Merchants tariff group you can create a Credit Card Payment transaction pattern with individual fees for each supported currency and each type of merchant (digital content providers, online games, etc.).

In this way you can draw up unlimited lists of transaction patterns. If you have multiple patterns but the same fees for them all, you can make this fee common to the whole transaction range.

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