KoenigFinance Solutions for
Corporate Treasuries
A key toolbox for managing money flows
in your company

The KoenigFinance platform is a comprehensive software product that simplifies the collection and analysis of financial information about a company’s accounts, including all branch offices and subsidiaries. The solution allows for more relevant data on balances and money flows, accounts receivable and accounts payable, as well as currency exchange rates and interest rates in financial markets.

Centralized Account Management

Implementation of the KoenigFinance platform solution increases the effectiveness of the corporate treasury staff involved in analytical work and the financial decision-making process.

Consolidation of financial operations data allows for making real-time evaluation of the economic stability of a corporate group or a selected subsidiary company.


It is important for multi-branch corporations to ensure smooth cooperation among its departments regardless of location or jurisdiction. The KoenigFinance solution for corporate treasuries allows for an unlimited number of accounts in multiple currencies, storing user data in compliance with the international standards as well as better interaction between departments.

Money Flow Planning

The platform’s functionality facilitates swift projection and management of corporate financial flows, as well as effective monitoring of payment settlement processes with customers, suppliers and companies within a corporate group.

The solution gives corporations’ financial departments the ability to promptly receive consolidated planning information and use it to create a payment calendar. Completion of these objectives is a great way to control expenses, reserve budget funds, and, if necessary, make changes and improvements for more efficient management.

Control over Limits

The corporation gets a set of tools for limiting money flows in the accounts of subsidiary or controlled entreprises. This helps solve the cash gap and inefficient budget management problems. The company can impose limits on account operations for selected departments or counterparties, set transaction caps, adjust time limits for restrictions, etc.

Compliance Monitoring

The main purpose of monitoring is to facilitate a risk-based approach, reduce financial losses from working with unreliable counterparties, and fulfill the legal requirements aimed at preventing fraud, money laundering, sanctions violations as well as combating corruption, illicit trading, terrorism financing and tax evasion.

The KoenigFinance platform provides all the indispensable technologies for detecting suspicious financial activity and analyzing risks:

  • every company that financially interacts with a corporation’s accounts has a special informational profile that acts as a foundation for data analysis (agreements, company information, invoices, payment period, etc.);
  • the solution’s functionality allows customization of notifications about pre-programmed events as they happen — from exceeding transaction limits to changes in the CEO’s profile data;
  • you can set up dynamic updating of risk categories based on continuous monitoring of client's activity and information retrieved from public databases;
  • in case suspicious or unusual payments are detected, they can be automatically put on hold until further investigation.

Versatile search criteria and filters are available for getting details on any transaction in the system in next to no time.

Analytics and Reporting

For detailed analysis of the efficiency of the corporation or a particular subsidiary company, the platform can automate statistical data collection and generation of consolidated reports.

Internal control and daily reconciliation checks are designed to be easy and intuitive: the latest information about the company’s current performance indicators is displayed on the main Dashboard.

The KoenigFinance tools automate the generation of accounting and tax reports and ensure their compliance with the international standards (IFRS).

Department directors can obtain objective estimates of employee productivity. Manager actions are logged in the system and can be looked up by an assigned specialist.


The KoenigFinance platform offers extensive functionality for account access and data protection on all levels of interaction with the system:

  • to prevent unauthorized access, two-factor authentication is used;
  • additional authentication process is initialized in case someone tries to access the system from an unknown IP address;
  • splitting access rights among staff helps to ensure that only authorized employees get to work with the financial data;
  • individual password reset intervals can be set up for managers who work with the platform.

Vital mechanisms for server log data monitoring are also part of the platform, facilitating timely and complex management of your technical environment. Various counters are available to create alarms that will be triggered in case of a critical event (sudden decrease of successful logins, shortage of disk space, etc.). Detailed logbooks help to detect, analyze, eliminate, and prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Integrated Customer Support

The built-in Support interface facilitates direct interaction between the treasury and other enterprise departments. The Support feature is based on a ticket system that allows both the support managers and officers from different company units to create requests (tickets) for resolving issues and exchanging documents and information.

Tickets are sorted by topics and date which makes search and processing easier. Every request, regardless of who created it, is assigned a tracking ID which allows for tracking its status in a couple of clicks. The interface makes for smooth interaction between support managers through its internal commenting and task allocation system.

Another feature that helps optimize the support workflow is the snippets - reply templates for dealing with typical cases. In multinational companies they can be translated into any language. The system recognizes the language in which the request is created and automatically inserts the snippet in the right language.

An online chat widget can also be embedded into the website’s interface for solving urgent issues.

Paperless Document Management

Up to 100% of your data processing can be done paperless: our facilities are designed to manage any volume of digital documentation. The electronic document storage allows you to easily access the necessary information at any time and simplifies audit processes.

API and Documentation

KoenigFinance solutions are based on various APIs that we also provide to clients to help automate all kinds of treasury operations and minimize errors that inevitably occur when managing transactions manually.

The KoenigFinance API empowers you to facilitate access to the necessary data for specialists of other departments and subsidiaries, while leaving you the flexibility to fully open the APIs or restrict access to them. API keys are used to control access to closed interfaces. Limits, available functions, and other parameters are set individually for each key.

You get the capability to track transactions in real time by creating an Webhooks script that enables you to receive Instant Payment Notifications when certain API functions are executed. Having this kind of alerts, you can set up immediate updates of transaction statuses and other relevant responses. This way you’ll always have the most current information on the company’s cash position and liquidity.

Easy and clear documentation for developers helps IT specialists get comfortable with the system’s functionality in the shortest possible time. It also contains examples of code used when implementing the API functionality in various programming languages.

Thin Clients

KoenigFinance’s software is deployed on servers to which your managers connect via a browser. This simplified architecture entails a myriad of benefits:

  • Higher system security; accidental malware infestation and other system failures are out of the question.
  • Easy management: the system is centralized through and through, and, if something goes wrong, a specialist will just have to join a manager’s session to get everything fixed.
  • Minimal investment required to organize a worker’s workplace.

Content Management System (CMS)

Beside the financial unit, the KoenigFinance platform also offers a comprehensive set of functions for website content management (CMS). With this tool, it is easy to edit page content, creating, when necessary, separate website versions in multiple languages to facilitate usage by managers of different departments within a multinational company.

The capabilities you get with our CMS:

  • management of all website elements: page content, notifications, emails, SMS, etc.;
  • a web interface for translators into different languages with versioning, history of changes, rollback of incorrect edits, tracking of projects in progress, etc.;
  • performance metrics that help calculate payments for freelancers by putting together reports that include translations accomplished by each translator in a certain time period.


KoenigFinance provides a configurable website framework that can include a user account area and support functionality, making it an accomplished all-in-one solution.

You have absolute flexibility to organize your website's public pages according to your needs and fill them with information relevant for your employees. You can manage the website structure in real time from the CMS and add the necessary technical and legal documentation, create vital Support sections like FAQ, user manuals, etc.

You are free to use any front end templates, including those for responsive design to ensure the website’s optimal display on screens of all sizes and equally convenient experience on all kinds of devices.

Accelerate Your IT Development

Cross-Platform Solution

Quick and technically simple integration of the solution is possible due to the system’s cross-platform nature. The solution is compatible with all software platforms and operating systems.

Coordination of Branches

Effective management of a network of departments and subsidiaries. Built-in mechanisms of cooperation among employees in different branches help ensure stable company workflow


Adjust the solution in accordance with the specific tasks your business has. Open and maintain accounts in any currency that is convenient, without the constraints dictated by the operational capacity of banks.

An Open Code Project

The platform is open source, which means that code audits and functionality updates meeting your company’s business needs are totally possible.


Use integrated security tools to protect your company and client data. Extended two-step authentication settings rule out unauthorized access to the system.

E-Document Management

Set up a convenient and robust system of document management without paper. The KoenigFinance solution has the functionality you need in order to make a transition to fully electronic documentation.

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