The platform is based on a three-tier architecture, which allows for great scalability, versatile configuration options, and advanced failure protection.

1 Presentation Tier

The interface core of the platform. The main function of this tier is to present tasks and results to the end user. The tier has no direct connection to the database and is not overloaded with business logic.

2 Logic Tier

Most of the business logic is concentrated here. This tier is responsible for command processing, carrying out logic calculations, and is also a link between a user and the database.

3 Data Tier

This system tier is designed to provide reliable storage and retrieval of data. Receives requests and sends data to the logic tier for processing and further transfer to the client.

Based on Microsoft technologies

The KoenigFinance platform software core is written in .Net Core and can run on Windows / Linux-based servers via Kubernetes, or using cloud services (AWS, Azure) , which guarantees fault tolerance, reliability and easy integration into the company's infrastructure*.

* The rights for all trademarks, brands, names, images, and logos belong to their respective owners & companies. They are used on this site for the reference purpose only.

Features of the platform architecture Reliability and flexibility as a basis


Provides interaction of financial company’s clients with the platform's core through website, desktop or mobile application, etc.

Clients can use API methods to integrate your financial services in their web applications and seamlessly get paid by customers directly on the client website.


Back-office is the system's internal interface used by company managers to work on tasks according to their assigned group roles and permissions.

External System API and External Partners API facilitate access and information interchange with external system modules and third-party providers.

KoenigFinance System Modules A full range of tools for best practice

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