KoenigFinance has put in place powerful mechanisms to maintain the platform’s security and fault tolerance. Our approach is based on three pillars:
  • smart permission management,
  • strong user authentication,
  • intelligent log data and hardware monitoring.

Permission Management

The platform provides flexible settings for distributing access rights. You can create group permissions (corresponding to roles or departments) as well as individual user permissions.

Permissions are inherited, which means that if a group of users is denied or granted access to an item, the permission is automatically applied to all members of the role group (e.g., all members of the Financial Department may be able to create or delete transactions). However, there is an override option that allows to add an exception when needed and, for example, give a member of a Support role read-only access to information that is normally visible to the Financial Department role group.

Permission rules can also have additional selectors, for example, a language selector in a Translations rule or a list of countries in a Customer Support rule: this way you can grant or deny a translator or support manager access to certain languages or countries.

In a history log you can track changes to all permissions in the system, and by using the permissions audit option filter permissions by groups or items and quickly get a clear picture of how access rights are distributed among your team at a given point in time.

Strong User Authentication

To access the system, every manager has to pass a two-factor authentication check. The platform supports multiple 2FA methods: PINs can be sent to user’s phone, email, or messenger as well as be generated on a mobile device or token.

You can also set up individual password change policy for each manager by determining how often a user has to change their password. Password updates are logged in the history of login events along with user’s IP address and other relevant login details.

Event Logging and Server Log Data Monitoring

KoenigFinance has all the necessary mechanisms for proactively monitoring your technical environment and spot possible security issues before they arise. Our tools for comprehensive server log management allow you to create comprehensive reports documenting users' actions, identify under- or overperformance, and oversee general usage of all parts of your system to effectively prevent intrusion or data loss.

You can create alarms by enabling various counters (completed registrations, pending emails, free disc space, etc.) to get a timely notification in case of a critical event (e.g., a DoS attack). Upon receiving an alert you can study the system logbook and trace the problem to its source.

While being generally vital to any system, this functionality will prove especially important for payment card providers as it helps to ensure compliance with the latest PCI DSS requirements.

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