KoenigFinance solutions for
electronic exchanges
Secure software platform for organizing
trades of fiat and digital currencies on an
electronic exchange

The solution is based on a high-performance core and includes a full set of tools for traders, a user interface and a convenient administrator panel with account management features, currency pairs settings, commission options, etc.

Set up your own exchange on the basis of the KoenigFinance software. The platform allows traders to sell/buy all popular fiat and cryptocurrencies: EUR, USD, RUB, BTC, BCH, LTC, DOGE, ETH, etc. The support of any other currency pairs might be implemented at your request.

The KoenigFinance solution offers the following benefits:

For your company

An entirely automated workflow based on cutting-edge financial technologies.

For your clients

A practical and convenient interface, including tools for placing sell/buy orders.



Legal issues are resolved right at the start thanks to the risk-based approach to customer due diligence. KoenigFinance provides functionality for multi-level client verification, which allows managers to determine the status of a customer in accordance with FATCA and CRS and analyze other information in order to meet the latest KYC and AML requirements.

Risk assessment tools allow for classification of corporate clients into categories of low, medium and high risks, as well as setting transaction limits and applying monitoring measures for each category.

Effective screening of numerous watch lists unveils the potential risk at the very beginning and helps to avoid clients who are on sanctions lists or have a dubious past.

The client profile is carefully thought through and contains forms for politically exposed persons (PEP), extensive financial questionnaires, and company information section for providing details on the structure of shareholders, the beneficial owner, etc.

To speed up the process of client verification, various automated data processing solutions for recognizing document types, text, photographs and other information as well as identifying forgeries can be integrated into the platform.

Video Identification

The real-time client identification via online video chat between the manager and the user is designed for comprehensive verification of customers. This measure is required as obligatory by many financial regulators and is necessary for the implementation of the KYC principle - the identification of clients with a high degree of reliability. Verification by video chat significantly reduces risks as it helps the manager to determine whether the documents uploaded by the user are genuine and really belong to the account owner.

This is a completely autonomous system that does not require installation of any additional software on the client side: it is enough just to log into the personal account on the exchange's website using any modern web browser. The video of the communication session is automatically uploaded to the client’s profile.

Compliance Monitoring

Providers of financial services are required to monitor the financial activity of their clients to prevent fraud, money laundering, sanctions violations as well as combat corruption, illicit trading, terrorism financing and tax evasion.

KoenigFinance provides a comprehensive tool for controlling the account activity of your customers and the validity of the submitted documents. Following the users’ actions in real time, the tool automatically creates tasks for managers, implementing the risk-based approach to KYC.

Key capabilities include:

  • suspension and enhanced scrutiny of suspicious or unusual transactions (exceeding the limits, related to high-risk countries, etc.),
  • tracking of changes to personal data (document expiration, updates to company information, etc.),
  • tracking security events (password reset etc.),
  • dynamic updates of risk categories based on client's behavioral patterns and information retrieved from public databases,
  • configuring individual monitoring conditions for selected clients,
  • automatic assignment of tasks to specific managers,
  • clear presentation of the task’s current status, convenient search and task filtering.

Monitoring logs are stored in the client profile and contain full details about each event: what happened and when, who processed th eevent, etc.

We also ensured that you can easily expand your compliance control capabilities and connect to any external monitoring, scoring and client profiling systems to prevent risks.

Analytics and Reporting

KoenigFinance provides comprehensive tools for preparing all kinds of reports and managing your accounting tasks in compliance with the international standards (IFRS):

  • internal bookkeeping and everyday reconciliation checks,
  • internal and external audit,
  • tax and financial reporting.

Alongside this, you have a wide range of options for data analysis.

  • Client analytics: view and export trade history, look into details of buy/sell orders, generate reports, perform reconciliations, visualize data with graphs or charts, etc.
  • Web analytics: examine traffic data, analyze conversions and other marketing metrics.
  • Staff performance analytics: generate reports on the performance of your support team or other employees using various parameters.

Flexibility of Configurations

At the heart of all KoenigFinance solutions is the opportunity to expand the service's functionality in order to develop your business according to the latest trends.

You can easily connect to any financial service and add any deposit and withdrawal options: electronic and mobile payments, wire and cash transfers or credit card payments.

Configure currency pairs in a few clicks: available are more than 200 fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.) and various digital assets.

High Performance

Managing our databases with Microsoft SQL Server, we use all the advantages of its In-Memory OLTP technology that makes it possible to process up to 1 million requests per second. Such performance gain is achieved by storing user data in memory-optimized tables. OLTP also allows you to significantly reduce your resource utilization.

In this way the KoenigFinance platform guarantees high throughput and low latency when routing and executing large volumes of orders, while at the same time ensuring transaction durability.

Fees and Limits

The platform provides superior flexibility in configuring tariffs:

  • set fees for trading, withdrawal and deposit of funds, account recovery, account maintenance, etc.;
  • set up tariff groups for different categories of traders depending on the turnover, client (personal/corporate) and other criteria stipulated by the internal policy of your business.

If necessary, you can set create individual tariffs for selected clients. All tariff information is displayed in the user profile.

In case of market changes, you can move a client onto a new tariff. The system then can automatically notify the client in advance in order not to violate the terms of the agreement (usually a notification is sent 30 days before the actual tariff switch).


We implemented various security mechanisms for controlling who, when and for what purpose gains access to the platform and user data:

  • two-factor authentication used on all level of interaction with the platform;
  • distribution of access rights between employees of various departments: managers are granted access to the information in accordance with their level of competence;
  • individual interval settings for mandatory password change;
  • 256-SHA data encryption protocol used to protect data;
  • storage of funds in cold crypto storage;
  • IP- or country-based access restrictions;
  • configuration of firewalls;
  • logging of back end events for easy incident tracking.

Vital mechanisms for server log data monitoring are also part of the platform, ensuring PCI DSS compliance and facilitating timely and complex management of your technical environment. Various counters are available to create alarms that will be triggered in case of a critical event (sudden decrease of completed registrations, mass email delivery failure, etc.). Detailed system logbooks help to detect, analyze, eliminate, and prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Integrated Customer Support

The Client Support interface is the main touchpoint for solving clients' issues and problems: from account verification to API settings. Customers and support managers communicate through a system of electronic requests (tickets). Each ticket is assigned a unique identifier that enables you to track the status of the request and find it in the system. A request can be created both by the client seeking to find a solution, and an exchange manager seeking to clear something up or draw attention to the necessity of complying with the exchange's requirements.

Tickets are automatically grouped by topic and sorted by date of creation in order to increase the efficiency of their processing by your specialists. All tickets are linked to the client's profile, which allows for easy browsing of all questions from a selected client. The system of internal comments and forwarding helps to organize interaction between support specialists.

To save time when answering frequently asked questions, managers can use snippets, i.e., reply templates. They are arranged by topics and can be translated into any number of languages.

Another advantage is the built-in online chat using which you can solve urgent requests of your clients in real time.

Paperless Document Management

The Support unit also allows for fully electronic document exchange between the client and the system. Users upload all documentation required for account verification, authorizing transactions as well as solving any other issues into their profile where it becomes accessible to support managers, thus avoiding the need for submitting any papers.

The electronic document storage is perfectly in line with the GDPR principles and enables you to easily make the data available to its owner, transfer it to another system, delete it, etc. It also helps you meet the regulatory requirement of keeping clients’ records for the necessary period of time and simplifies audit processes.

Marketing Tools

KoenigFinance contains integrated tools for promoting your services in the market, galvanizing current and attracting new customers.

  • Design a streamlined system of trigger emails with individual client approach to maintain the users' interest in your services and boost their engagement in trading.
  • Launch a referral program to stimulate and increase both corporate and private client loyalty.
  • Boost the effectiveness of any promotional campaign by activating all available user notification options — from push notifications to email newsletters.

Content Management System (CMS)

The KoenigFinance software environment includes a content management system that enables you to take care of the content across all your service channels: website pages, news, emails, SMS, etc.

The CMS empowers you to effortlessly modify and localize your pages, adapting the website for regional audiences and creating multiple language versions.

It also allows for tracking modifications to content items, rolling back to any previous version, and seeing who made what changes.

The CMS has various counters and statistic tools that will prove very handy when calculating salaries for your freelance translators: you'll be able to get a total amount of words translated by a person in a certain period of time in a couple of clicks.

Thin Clients

KoenigFinance’s software is deployed on servers to which your managers connect via a browser. This simplified architecture entails a myriad of benefits:

  • Higher system security. Accidental malware infestation and other system failures are out of the question.
  • Easy management — the system is centralized through and through, and, if something goes wrong, a specialist will just have to join a manager’s session to get everything fixed.
  • Minimal investment required to organize a worker’s workplace.

Simplicity and Comfort

The visual part of both the solutions and the user interface is carefully thought out by our UI-design experts.

Your customers will appreciate convenience and simplicity from the very first steps:

  • A self-explanatory process of registration in the system, intuitive management of the personal area and trading tools;
  • Adaptive design that allows the software to operate perfectly on mobile devices, easy navigation, control panels, graphical reports, market depth charts;
  • Multilingual interface, regional settings for the website, profile, and other elements.

All mentioned features allow you to engage clients to work with the trading platform and boost the number of active traders.


The KoenigFinance platform contains an integrated framework for building a website and presenting your services to traders in a compelling and effective way:

  • create smart user-friendly interfaces seamlessly connected with the back end;
  • make your customer dialogs uniform across various channels;
  • create beautiful user interfaces for all devices;
  • add custom sections and update the website structure in real time from the CMS.

For a full-fledged customer experience the website includes User Account area, and Client Support functionality can be added to the site's structure as well.

User Account

The personal user area contains all the functionality required for trading and account management:

  • order placement and cancellation, browsing and export of order history;
  • deposit and withdrawal of funds via any available methods;
  • managing the profile and security settings for account access;
  • verification status tracking;
  • creation of new support tickets, ticket history browsing, and much more.

Client Notifications

KoenigFinance comes with a complete set of tools for informing clients about their accounts and funds. Notifications are available for virtually all communication channels:

  • email newsletter;
  • SMS notifications;
  • notifications via messenger apps (Skype, Telegram, Viber, etc.);
  • push notifications for mobile app users.

Notifications are indispensable when it comes to informing clients about any events that are described in your guidelines or company policy or are important from the marketing standpoint:

  • completed transactions and other operations on the account;
  • changes in terms of service and other legal documents;
  • scheduled system maintenance;
  • promos, special offers, and other marketing campaigns.

As part of the website infrastructure, notifications are managed through the CMS and can also be localized for any language.

SDK for Mobile App

Keeping up with the mobility trend, KoenigFinance offers an SDK for mobile app using which you can build a native application that will enable your clients to perform and monitor trades anytime and anywhere. We provide a set of API functions, and you work out the design and decide what options you make available to users. These can include:

  • balance check;
  • order management;
  • currency conversion;
  • communicating with the customer support;
  • receiving push notifications and much more.

To secure account access, the application will be able to automatically apply biometric identification mechanisms of the related platform (iOS, Android, Windows) to ensure access protection: fingerprint, face, voice recognition, etc.

API and Documentation

KoenigFinance solutions are based on various APIs that we also provide to clients to help automate all kinds of processes running on the exchange platform:

  • customer registration,
  • order placement and management,
  • live currency rates updates,
  • market data visualization,
  • blockchain analysis etc.

KoenigFinance supports API-based trading (HFT etc.) and enables you to develop your own algorithms and code trading robots. You decide which APIs you expose and to what extent. API keys are used to control access to closed interfaces. Limits, available functions, and other parameters are set individually for each key.

Crystal clear, developer-friendly documentation provides relevant reference points and code samples in various programming languages for setting up all API features within the shortest possible time.

Reliable Account Protection

As we developed our software components, much attention was paid to ensuring the safety of clients’ funds.

  • In accordance with the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), the platform employs Strong Customer Authentication for processing operations on the account performed online.
  • Two-factor authentication is also used to protect accounts from unauthorized access — a PIN code is generated and sent to the user’s phone, email, or messenger app.
  • Higher level of account security can be set by activating extra options, such as secret questions during password reset and narrowing of the allowed IP addresses pool.
  • In case a user experiences problems with logging in, they can recover access to the account without having to contact support managers. A PIN for access recovery can be sent to phone, email, or messenger - suitable options can be selected in the account security settings.
  • Whenever there’s an attempt to log in to an account from an unusual IP address (location), an additional PIN-based client identification mechanism kicks in.

Accelerate Your IT Development

Cross-Platform Solution

Working with the platform requires only a web browser and does not depend on the operating system. KoenigFinance solutions are based on Microsoft technologies.

Flexibility of Configurations

Use the platform API to work with external systems and integrate the trading bots. Set up available currencies and trading directions in accordance with your business needs.

Multilingual Interfaces

Whatever your clients’ country of origin or native language, this won’t affect their experience on the platform: the content of the pages and user interface can be adapted for different language versions in a couple of clicks.

An Open Code Project

Open source code allows you to smoothly perform audits and customize the platform in accordance with the needs of your business.


The solution provides everything you need to protect your finances and corporate information. Two-factor authentication tools built into the platform secure the data of your clients.

E-Document Management

Manage the process of working with documents easily and efficiently. The solution provides the necessary functionality to conduct completely paperless business.

Want to learn more?

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