The main advantage of any plastic card is that it gives its owner around-the-clock access to their card account.

Let your clients order plastic cards of all kinds: debit, credit, prepaid, or virtual. Besides that, the system supports multicurrency cards.

When it comes to card products, the KoenigFinance platform has a lot to offer in terms of functionality:

  • card order management, card re-issuance upon expiration, blocking, etc.;
  • card account statements;
  • transaction processing: deposits, payments for goods and services, money transfers, ATM cash withdrawals, and so on;
  • notifications about transactions and other card-related events via various channels of communication: email, SMS, push notifications, etc.;
  • flexible customization of prices and commissions;
  • full integration and coordination with the compliance system and financial monitoring aimed at risk prevention.

In compliance with The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), all sensitive card data is encrypted.

The platform ensures high speed and convenience for financial organization's managers, streamlining their work with card products. The module’s features can be tuned to include new functionality and/or become compliant with updated regulatory requirements and standards for payment systems.

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KoenigTech was founded in 2007 and today is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, internationally recognized financial software developer.

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