KoenigFinance has dedicated features for building clients’ trust and optimizing your brand’s web presence. Along with the tools for applying the usual marketing techniques, there’s vast room for experimenting and implementing original ideas and approaches: create an innovative incentive system, organize communication with customers your own way, or build a multilevel affiliate network.

Attract New and Delight Existing Clients

Customers are subject to the pleasure principle: they like giveaways, gifts, and entertainment, and many businesses indulge clients by offering discounts or running contests. With KoenigFinance you have tools that facilitate the technical side of incentivizing customers.

Spread the word about your campaigns via mailing lists: create newsletters targeted by region or client category with tailored content and design, and send them out across multiple channels (email, SMS, messengers).

Engage Customers New and Old Using Triggered Emails

KoenigFinance’s powerful mailing functionality allows you to create series of pre-programmed, context-aware emails that will be automatically sent out to specific client categories on particular occasions. There’s no limit to customizing your emails: you can build message chains that can be as complicated as required by your goals, fork depending on client’s behavior, be sent out in parallel with other mail chains, etc.

There are numerous cases when this can be highly useful:

  • Onboarding and customer guidance: craft an appealing welcome message and sequence the necessary reminders and tips to make sure a signed up client doesn’t get stuck at the registration step and becomes an active member.
  • Self-service navigation: arrange a clear and effective set of troubleshooting guidelines and prompts for standard technical issues that will help the customer solve them quickly without having to ask the support team.
  • Raising customer awareness: inform your clients about the features and services they expressed interest for and present your product in a personalized, customer-focused way.

You are not limited to just emails and can communicate your message to customers through all channels including SMS and popular apps (Skype, Telegram, Viber, etc.), use push notifications for mobile, etc.

Speak the Same Language as Your Client - in Every Sense of the Word

Every piece of content on your website and in your communication system can be individually localized and translated into any language. It means you can run independent promo campaigns for different countries and client categories. You can adjust your activities to cultural events and other important occasions, to customers’ interests and preferences in specific regions, etc. Get yourself a skilled translator - our software will do the rest.

Translations are managed in the KoenigFinance CMS. Along with editing texts, it allows you to create templates for different types of newsletters using HTML and graphics, share texts with colleagues for teamwork, and much more.

Analyze and Improve Performance

A handy Web Analytics tool allows you to assess the results of your marketing activities by showing the following information for any selected period:

  • traffic source,
  • clickthrough rate,
  • conversion rate (number of registrations),
  • affiliate commissions paid for leads.

Build a Far-Reaching Affiliate Network

The KoenigFinance platform contains a massive, feature-packed tool for managing affiliates that includes payment calculation, stats, notifications, an editor for creating branded promo content, and much more. This can be a really powerful vehicle for spreading the word and introducing your company to the most versatile audiences - with no direct efforts required from yourself!

How it works

Give a referral link to any client who wants to promote your product - it will work as an identifier in order that the attracted customers are credited to their referrer.

You decide which model to use: revenue share, CPA, CPI, etc. (or a combination of them). You can also determine how many levels your affiliate program will have. However, it’s best to use a multiple-level structure to motivate affiliates and show them their potential for growth and for more earnings. Along with regular affiliate level-based payouts, the functionality allows for arranging one-off rewards for special achievements.

In fact, the referral program provides as many motivation options as you can possibly get. They are centered around either visualizing affiliate’s achievements and ways to improve performance or around communicating tips and prompts to affiliates and giving them guidance.

The visual aspect is represented by comprehensive statistics available in various view modes (charts, diagrams, infographics). The stats can be organized in a way where the user always has basic figures on display in their affiliate profile (clickthroughs, attracted referrals and sub-referrals), but can delve deeper anytime and analyze traffic sources for selected periods of time etc.

The focal point of the communication aspect is the content-to-share feature. It’s a stock of ideas for affiliates to use all across the web, in channels they are comfortable and familiar with. Ideas can vary from success stories and step-by-step guides on using your product to branded banners, promo codes or links to ongoing contests - you’re free to create any kind of content you like.

The feature also adds a human touch to your affiliate program and your company image in general. Not only do you show your readiness to share and award devoted clients, but also your willingness to give them a hand and advice on becoming successful, becoming a member of your team. That creates a sense of involvement which increases customer loyalty profoundly.

Managing the content to share is done in the KoenigFinance CMS. You can tailor every piece of text or graphics to a particular class of affiliates and do much more:

  • categorize your content to share by topics, promotion channels, countries, etc.;
  • do language localization;
  • manage and preview layouts, add HTML and images;
  • have your content automatically adjusted for publishing in popular social networks;
  • schedule your content: determine how long it is available for sharing, time it for specific events, etc.

The user also has control over the shareable content they see in their affiliate profile: they can filter out the content they don’t need, put it aside for later consideration, mark the content they have already used, etc.

Another means of keeping your affiliates updated on their performance is by setting up notifications in the user account. Once this is done, the user will be automatically informed about newly registered referrals, earned commissions, new content to share, etc.

One more important perk to make your affiliates aware of: they can disable the referral program if they want to, but their referrals will still be credited to them, and if the affiliate gets back on track, they can start where they left off. None of their accumulated referrals will get lost, none of the efforts go to waste.

With KoenigFinance you have the flexibility to pay out commissions in a way that’s convenient to you, and not necessarily limit yourself to one option. You can distribute payments to client accounts in your own system or send them to bank cards, e-wallets, etc. using API.

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