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To create an electronic currency exchanger monitoring service with ratings, news, etc.

Project execution stages: is an informational platform for tracking electronic currency exchange rates. Website visitors can quickly find the most favorable and safe service for carrying out electronic currency exchange. Additionally, exchanger monitor features detailed descriptions, real statistics, and user feedback on exchangers, electronic payment systems, and crypto exchanges.

Stages of software development and implementation

The main goal of is to gain profits through referral payments from partnered exchangers, payment systems, and trading platforms, plus paid ads placed on the website. This is why we put extra effort into making sure that exchange rates pertaining to all currency pairs are parsed correctly, and that the visual part of the project is appealing to advertisers.

  • 1. Analyzing the competition.

    KoenigTech specialists closely studied organizations that operate in the online business industry. The following aspects of activity were examined: website, lists of exchangers, payment systems, and virtual exchanges, visual appearance of website pages and available exchange directions, customer support modus operandi, news section design, etc. The results of the study gave rise to a consolidated report on successful practices employed by the competitors and the functionality required for the project to prosper.

  • 2. Producing terms of reference.

    The data gathered through the competition analysis laid the foundation for the terms of reference. Taking the customer’s desires and the competitors’ successful practices into consideration, we put together an action plan and outlined stages of solution development using the latest technologies in the industry. The terms were negotiated with the customer and changes were made based on their feedback and remarks.

  • 3. Preparation and approval of the project’s blueprint.

    Structural schemes and page design for the client interface and admin panel were drawn up, and after that, the back and front office interface structure was coordinated with the customer.

  • 4. Solution development.

    The monitoring platform’s foundation incorporated these previously developed modules:

    • “Clients” - for composing cards of services and searching through databases;

    • “CMS”- for filling the website with content and for composing emails, as well as translating the content into various languages;

    • “Analytics” - for keeping track of visits, referral link clickthroughs, fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

    Implemented rates parsing to display up-to-date information about currency exchange rates, news parsing, etc.

  • 5. Project implementation.

    KoenigTech specialists deployed a backoffice on the customer’s server granting access rights to the service’s owners and client managers. A basic set of configurations was applied to the system.

  • 6. Website launch.

    A public website with a private client profile area went live. A CMS system for content management and news parsing was put in place.

  • 7. Company staff training.

    The customer was presented with thorough documentation describing how the software product worked.
    The customer was instructed on the exchange services monitor’s functionality running on the KoenigFinance platform.

The main functionality of the administrative panel of exchanger monitor OKchanger:

The main page of the administrative panel displays statistical data reflecting website visits and changes in exchange rates. Based on the gathered data, graphs facilitating better perception of dynamics are formed.

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Automatic currency rates parsing from sources that are specified by services during registration on the monitor. Information about rates in all supported exchange directions is reflected in the client’s card.

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The back office allows for managing of profiles of exchangers, cryptocurrency exchanges, payment systems, etc. The fields are filled by services’ owners during registration (name, description, website, and exchange rates links). The monitor’s administrator adds a unique referral link received from the partner to the client’s card, approves all data in the section, and the exchanger service appears on the website. If necessary, the manager can add a service to the website single-handedly.

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A handy search mechanism can find any exchanger service registered on the monitor by one of the parameters: ID, name, email, status, etc.

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The CMS built into the KoenigFinance platform allows managing of all the website’s content, creating email newsletter templates, tracking changes, as well as adding translations for all supported languages. Content editing is done in a visual editor, which doesn’t require any special skills.

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A user feedback management mechanism is implemented. All reviews undergo admin moderation which is a way to avoid duplicate reviews, spam, foul language, etc.

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The platform features an automatic news parsing module which operates on a specified list of sources (online news websites) with a pre-selected list of keywords.

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Exchanger services monitor OKchanger front-end

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The main page of the website presents the main information about the service, a list of available exchange directions on partnered websites, best rates search, a list of top-rated exchangers, payment systems, and trading platforms, news.

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In the website’s subsections, clients see featured services, sorted by popularity rating. If the client is interested in seeing a different criterion that has some bearing on their choice, they can also filter exchangers by amount of available reserves in the desired currency, user base or number of reviews.

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Having made a decision on the exchange direction, the client moves onto the calculator page which displays services offering the best exchange rates in the chosen direction, as well as exchange rates statistics, and the description of the exchange operation flow.

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In order to fully unlock the functionality of the platform, users have to complete registration on the website, after that they’ll be able to leave feedback, add services (exchangers, payment systems, cryptocurrency exchanges), use “Notifications”, participate in the partnership program, and withdraw affiliate rewards, etc.

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In order to add a service to the monitoring website, the user has to fill out a special form, providing information about the exchanger service.

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Every registered user can participate in the partnership program aimed at promoting the monitor and attracting clients, for which they get discounts on exchange operations in addition to monetary rewards.

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Besides that, there is an API for payment services, which enables their owners to give clients the opportunity to withdraw funds from accounts in their system to accounts in virtually any existing systems through exchangers partnered with

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Extra attention was to paid security. In their private profile, the client can enable two-step authentication and set security questions used for password change.

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