Custom financial software toolkits

We provide industry-focused IT solution packs for all kinds of clients from the financial sector:

Payment Service Providers

Electronic Money Issuers


Financial Institutions

Crypto Exchanges

Corporate Treasuriess

APIs and tools for business-specific products

Customize KoenigFinance to operate your products and streamline workflows.

Deliver specialized banking services

Organize exchange trading

Issue payment cards

Build a website

Create a payment kiosk chain

Develop a mobile app

Make any other business idea come alive!

Support and Business Consulting

Our service doesn’t end once you purchase the software. We’ll still be there to back you up:

To help to deploy and set up the platform

To train your staff

To provide expert business advice

Cooperation That Works

Do you provide consulting on licensing for financial companies?

We have a special partnership offer for you!

Get in touch to do business together.

KoenigFinance is a multifaceted vehicle for building financial systems. Whether you’re creating an online bank, a payment gateway facility, or any other e-commerce related project, the KoenigFinance platform provides a ready-made architecture and carefully thought-out functionality to deliver your services to your clients in the best imaginable way.


Any system configurations are possible: combine individual components to adapt the platform to your business needs.


An informative, intuitive, and efficient interface. All the tools necessary for system management are always at hand.

Easy Integration

Powerful APIs to easily connect with your internal business processes or any third-party services. Smooth data transfer in any format.


All connections are made using 256-bit encryption, which guarantees reliable data protection across communication channels.

Future-proof. Pro.

KoenigFinance provides solutions that automate all kinds of financial systems

Small and Medium-Sized Banks

The best of classic banking and the latest in online banking combined.

Payment Service Providers

The ultimate program unit for streamlining all types of payments.

Electronic Money Institutions

An all-in-one pack designed to launch your own e-currency in no time.

Crypto Trading Platforms

High-end environment for deployment of your own trading platform.

Corporate Treasuries

A smart tool for corporate monitoring and control of the company’s financial flows.

Financial Institutions

End-to-end solutions for the automation of business processes at the core of every company’s operations.

Our clients


“When choosing a solution for launching our trading platform, not only its functionality was taken into account, but also the quality of development. For our project the development philosophy and methodology were crucial. In the end, the result of KoenigFinance implementation exceeded all expectations.”

– CRXzone

“We use KoenigFinance’s solution for our e-currency exchange service. The workflow of our company requires advanced analytics. The analytics tools integrated into the KoenigFinance system provide the information needed for making key decisions: we receive reliable reports in the required form and understand how to improve the efficiency of our work.”


Want to learn more?

We are always happy to answer any of your questions regarding the features and capabilities of the KoenigFinance platform as well as provide real-time demonstration of our products.

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