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KoenigFinance for Stock Trading
Functional and extensible digital platform for secure trading from anywhere in the world

The solution offers a wide range of functionality and meets all current requirements for organizing the exchange and over-the-counter trading. The extensibility of the platform allows for the implementation of new exchange directions and currency pairs, including directions with crypto-currencies. Convenient online customer support, automation of trading and settlements, transparent reporting — we provide a full range of trading tools.

Trading can be carried out simultaneously in several modes — in automated trading mode or trading with the broker. Direct access to exchange trades, a wide range of tools for different trade styles (algorithmic, scalping, intraday, etc.), dynamic statistics generation in real time — our trading solution includes all the necessary software.

The “Exchange trade” solution can be used with any kind of assets:

  • Commodities
  • Security assets
  • Foreign-exchange holdings
  • Financial futures
  • Options

Key Capabilities

  • A wide range of configurations for different projects and trade styles (algorithmic, scalping, intraday, etc.).
  • Real-time tracking of currency transactions and active orders.
  • Integration and API for cross-platform trading bots.
  • An unlimited number of ways to top-up balance and withdraw funds for the exchange users.
  • Automation of trading with the help of trading bots, control and management of order creating algorithms, tracking of exchange rates.
  • Built-in platform for webinars and training of traders.
  • Instant execution of orders and processing of transactions, full automation of trading processes.
  • Monitoring of trading platform processes in real time, automated notifications on exceeding limits, integrated risk management system.
  • Ergonomic, intuitive interface designed with the latest Web technologies.

Multilinguality & Multicurrency

Localization of the product for any language groups; trading in fiat currencies, crypto-currencies, and any other asset (commodity, stock, futures or option).

Cross-platform & Multi-market

KoenigFinance solutions ensure maximum flexibility. Trade with all sorts of goods and services with a possibility of selecting an appropriate form of payment on a single platform.

Custom Categories

Create goods classification with a detailed description which significantly simplifies the search and comparison. Add the necessary crypto and fiat currency pairs on the exchange. Conveniently sell and purchase various currencies.

Maximum Liquidity

The out-of-the-box solution with flexible functionality settings which supports the addition of new modules, real-time management of available currency pairs, as well as methods of deposits/withdrawals. The convenience of using the trading platform and the variety of ways to transfer funds attract new customers.

Several Intraday Trading Sessions

Configure several intraday trading sessions or automate your main trading sessions.

Individual Billing Models

Customize the amount of monthly fee and sales commissions, implement additional premium features. All settlements are made directly on the platform.


The client are able to get the information on available trading limits before creating an order, which allows for better trading experience and planning.

Monetization Options

Various tariff plans, dynamic fees calculation, margin from operations on the exchange.

Reliability and Security

Data encryption and advanced security settings make the trade process on the exchange reliable and safe.


The software runs on any hardware platform and operating system, which allows for organization of workplaces without the additional expenses on expensive software licenses. The only thing necessary for the operation of the Koenig Finance platform is an Internet browser.

Extendibility and Open Source

Full access to the source code allows for self-development of the software and audit. The open architecture makes it easy to interact with any external system and other banking or rating software through the API

Legal Compliance

All the software products are developed in full compliance with international requirements. The flexible licensing system allows you to determine the necessary functionality for each workplace, and the cost of the software.

Want to learn more?

We are always happy to answer any of your questions regarding the features and capabilities of the KoenigFinance platform as well as provide real-time demonstration of our products.